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The Perfect Fit Meditation Bench is completely stable and comfortable for the widest range of users. Your thighs, shins, and the bench itself form a solid triangle. This is the most stable shape of all. It is more stable than a flat legged meditation bench that doesn’t have the exact angle or height your body needs.

Two height settings instead of one! The legs are asymmetrical so that one position of the bench sits higher than the other by about half of an inch. If you turn it around you’ll be sitting higher or lower than before. During longer meditations this change can give instant relief.

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We believe that our meditation bench is more comfortable than any other. Turiya had challenges with pain while sitting and began trying different ways of sitting and found kneeling on a bench to be the easiest for him at that time. His first bench was purchased from a popular meditation bench builder. It was an immediate improvement but after a short time his bench seemed less and less comfortable.

He found that the angle of his bench was just not what his body needed. This is a common complaint we hear about normal meditation benches. Having one angle and trying to make that work for all the different body types and sizes is not realistic.

The padding was wearing out at an alarming pace. The wood beneath the padding was left sharp on the edges so it was cutting through the pad within a few months. The pad was loosing its cushy feeling and it was also getting lumpy.

Turiya began looking for a new meditation bench. He looked at other benches and found them all to be similar in design and construction. He finally decided to build his own. That was over ten years ago.

One of our greatest innovations is the shape of the legs. They have a very unique multiple radius. This is not a symmetrical arc as is found on other benches. It is designed especially to work well in both the lower or higher sitting positions. This is the only meditation bench we have ever seen with two sitting heights! And they work.

We round and smooth all the edges of the wood under the padding where no one will ever see it, because this makes the pad last longer and makes the bench more comfortable.

We use very expensive heavy-duty foams because they last longer than anything else. We use upholstery fabric from the commercial furniture industry because it’s tough and isn’t slippery.

We keep it light. The first incarnations of our current bench were made as folding models. Turiya took one of these to India on a spiritual pilgrimage and when he returned he vowed never to make a folding bench again. In India you really have to carry your bench around! That heavy bench was retired when he got back and he went to his shop to figure out a better way. The bench we sell now is what he came up with and what he carries no matter where he goes.

Our benches weigh just over three pounds!

To build a decent folding bench you have to use wood that is very heavy. This type of wood is required to hold the screws that fasten the hinges on a folding meditation bench. When you add the weight of the hardware and the heavy wood you get a bench that literally weighs twice as much as The Perfect Fit Meditation Bench. You have to be a little more creative but the lighter bench that doesn’t fold, is much easier to carry around. We know because we have done it extensively.

We only sell what we believe is the absolute best product available. We are here to help people live happier more spiritually centered lives. We see this website and business as a way to make friends, to help people with meditation, and help meditation be accessible and more user-friendly to an ever wider group. We are working on new sitting products or tweaks all of the time, but we won’t sell anything we don’t believe you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life. When we shifted from making the folding model to the meditation benches we have now, some of our friends scoffed until they held one in their hands and felt how light it was. They all got the one we sell now and our older folding benches are probably being used as door stops or something.

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What if our meditation bench is not right for you? Here are two family owned manufactures who make good meditation benches and who offer folding as well as innovative take-apart models.