Video: How to Use a Chair for Meditation

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Learning how to use a chair for meditation is important. Even if you like sitting in other positions, you’ll always find moments during your day where you are in a chair and can squeeze in a quick meditation. Not all chairs are perfect. Look for a chair that has a straight back and is rather firm.  Chairs that are very soft make it difficult to sit with correct posture. In most homes the best chair for meditation is in the dining room. Dining room chairs often have the best construction and geometry for meditation.

Many people are not able to sit cross-legged  on the floor or a cushion or even sit on a meditation bench. Once you learn how to sit on a chair for meditation, you’ll probably find yourself doing it more often than you would guess right now. In this video we look at ways to make your body most comfortable and erect for meditation. It’s worthwhile to take some time and find a good chair for meditation. Follow the instructions in this video and have the props you need nearby. It’s also helpful to create a space for your meditation practice. You can keep your meditation chair there too, so it’s always ready when you are.

You comments and questions are always welcomed.  May your meditations always be blessed with deep peace and joy.