Meditation Benches

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The Perfect Meditation Bench will grow with you instead of holding you back. Your sitting practice as well as your body changes over time. It’s nice to know you always have a choice depending on your needs.

Enjoy longer/deeper meditation in perfect comfort. Even if you have the perfect angle and height bench for you, after some time your body will get tired of sitting in the same exact position. Now you can lean slightly forward and adjust the angle of your bench to change were the pressure lies in your spine and get a surprising amount of relief. The feet of our bench are left slightly rough, so they don’t slip around beneath you. Don’t let the beauty fool you, this is a bench made by and for meditators.

We use a unique multi-density pad system that offers the greatest possible comfort. For long meditations, and people of thinner build, good padding is very important. The seat area is a full 17.5 x 8 inches. Few if any meditation benches are using a full eight inch width of wood. The wider surface gives extra comfort and allows you to finely adjust the way the bench feels by sitting either forward, rearward, or directly in the center of the bench.

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